Studio Policies

Cancellation Policy

Advance notice of at least 24 hours is required if a session or class needs to be cancelled.  Late cancels (less than 24 hours) will be charged the full price of the session or class.

Exceptions can be made in cases of sickness or emergency.

To cancel a session or class, please call/text (707) 616-3052 or email

Reservation Policy

Reservations are required for all home studio classes and sessions.

Studio address will be sent upon making reservation.  Studio is 1 mile from downtown Sebastopol and is in a residential neighborhood with ample parking.

If you would like more information or would like to book a session or class, please call/text (707) 616-3052 or email

My Family

Members of my family may be home while we’re having our session or class.  My husband, Andy, works from his home office in one of the upstairs rooms.  Our son, Wiley, may be home from school if it is a vacation day or if you have an afternoon/evening session.  Both Andy and Wiley do not interrupt a session unless it is absolutely necessary.  Our cat, Autumn, is indoor/outdoor, and can be placed in a different part of the house or outside if she’s being underfoot.