Workshop & Lecture Descriptions

Pilates Conditioning (2- or 3-hour format)

Straight Up Pilates!  Develop core strength, focus on alignment, work hard and smart. Share some magic Pilates time with me!

Pilates for Dancers (2- or 3- hour format)

A Pilates workshop specifically designed to address the needs of the dancer.  In this workshop, we will explore myofascial rolling and release, proper alignment, injury prevention and rehabilitation, overall core strengthening, and pelvic floor health.  There will be short conceptual lectures during the workshop, but the majority will be spent moving!
Please bring a notebook, layers of clothes so you can keep warm during the lecture sections, a thick yoga mat, and a 36″x6″ foam roller (some will be available to borrow).

Symmetry (3-hour format)

Explore finding symmetry in bellydance movement!  Starting with Pilates and Bellydance conditioning drills to work up a good sweat, we proceed with static and dynamic exercises to identify body imbalances in all planes of movement.  Working with Pilates and biomechanic principals, this workshop is an opportunity for an advanced dancer to refine technique and for a novice dancer to build good dance habits from day one. By the end of the workshop, dancers will have a sense of imbalances that can be addressed, new combos to practice or perform, and some kick-booty conditioning drills to add to their own practice!  No previous bellydance or Pilates experience is needed, although familiarity with one or both will be helpful to get the most out of this workshop.

Balance (2- or 3-hour format)

Let’s get something straight…I have a very large, flat head.  While it makes it difficult for me to find cute hats, it is amazing for being a bellydancer!

Even if you aren’t blessed with a flat noggin like me, there are many concepts that can help you with balancing props in your dance.  Some of the most important are:

  • Good Alignment
  • Core Strength
  • Confidence

In Balance, we will work on overall alignment and strength, optimal placement of props on the head, and building ease and confidence with your props. Please bring a prop if you have one…swords, baskets, vases, pots, trays, and bowls are all good choices.  If you don’t have any balancing props, take a look through the housewares section at Target and Ross…I find a lot of good stuff there (plus it’s fun to try balancing things in the store and get funny looks from people!).  Or you can try your hand at making a papier mache pot.  If you choose a vessel (pot, vase, bowl), I suggest putting a weight such as a bag of rice inside of it.  I’ll round up a few extra props for people to borrow! Please also bring a cotton scarf that you can wear on your head.  I find that when practicing balancing props for a long stretch of time, my head sometimes likes a little cushion.

It’s Only Physics (2- or 3-hour format)

Those of you who know me know that I’m a geek.  Big time.  Often when I teach movement, I break down the imagery into a loose Physics problem.  Need more oomph in your Roll-Up? Put some weight at the end of a long lever!  Losing your sense of balance?  Build a stronger base through your mid-line!  This lecture/workshop is for those of you who want to “go there” with me into the Land of Geek!

Shimmy Technique & Drills (2-hour format)

A good shimmy is the foundation of your bellydance repertoire, no matter what style you dance!  In this two hour workshop, we will break  down and drill the 3/4 shimmy, 4/4 shimmy, shoulder shimmy, and untimed  shimmy, and will vary the tempo of these shimmies, add layers, change  their emphasis, and move them across the floor in a variety of patterns. Be ready to move and sweat!

JoMama Pilates (1- or 2-hour format)

Mamas need Pilates!  A Pilates workshop specifically designed for the new or expecting mother.  Babies are welcome to attend!

JoMama Pilates Education (2-hour format)

This lecture will focus on guidelines for safely and effectively training a Pre-Natal or Post-Partum women using Pilates principles.  Consisting mostly of lecture and discussion, with some movement, topics will include: safe exercises, stretches and movements throughout pregnancy; pelvic floor health and rehab; diastasis recti identification and repair; and developing a post-partum strategy.  There will be time for questions throughout the workshop and at the end.  If there is a specific question you would like to have addressed, feel free to email Jo ahead of time at:

This workshop is appropriate for Pilates, yoga, or other movement instructors who work with pre-natal and post-partum clients, as well as doulas, midwives, and OB/GYNs who would like to advise their clients on safe exercise guidelines.

Body Rolling and Release (1-or 2-hour format)

Explore various body rolling and release techniques in this workshop.  Using a variety of foam rollers, balls, and Therabands, muscles and connective tissues are massaged and aligned.  This workshop is a good complement to your Pilates and dance practices!

Migratory Pilates (2-hour format)

For those of us who travel often, the challenge of staying consistent with a mind/body practice is real!  This workshop focuses on Mat Pilates work, with a variety of small, portable props to keep your practice focused when on the road!  Some Overballs, spiky balls, and Therabands will be provided for use during the workshop, and some will be available for purchase.

Palindrome (2-hour format)

A palindrome is a wordplay puzzle that reads the same forward as it does backward.  (Examples: “Never odd or even”, the awesome band “ABBA”, and the vastly amusing “Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog”.)

In my Pilates self-practice, I like to challenge my brain and my muscle memory by creating exercise sequences that do the same thing.  A Pilates palindrome can be as short or as long as you like, and the longer they get, the more your brain works!  By creating mirror images of movement, you can take familiar movements and breathe a little fresh life into them.  I love moving this way, and I think you will too!

In this two-hour workshop, we will start with building/reviewing a Pilates vocabulary, then creating short palindromes, then splicing the short palindromes together to make a long palindrome.  Please bring a thick mat (some will be available to borrow) and a good sense of humor (some will be available to be created)!

Pilates Fundamental Principles (2-hour format)

This workshop will explore the six fundamental principles of the Pilates Method. We will work on refining exercises that you may be familiar with (from Pilates, yoga, dance, and other fitness classes) through the lens of these principles. Expect to come away from this workshop with a better understanding of the Pilates Method and the tools to enhance your workouts and achieve better alignment. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to go deep with the work!

Pelvic Floor Health (2-hour format)

In this two hour lecture, we will discuss the anatomy of the pelvic floor, the importance of pelvic floor health, simple exercises to help support a healthy pelvic floor, and how to incorporate good habits into your daily life.  There will be ample time for discussion and questions.

Pilates for Digestive Health (2-hour format)
In this two hour lecture, we will explore how Pilates movement, breath, alignment, and consistent practice can be beneficial for our digestive health.  There will be ample time for discussion and questions.